What’s a Christmas TREE-Oh?!

Get it? Tree-Oh? Like “Christmas trio” but with a tree? Oh, okay, it’s a horrible pun, but look, you’re reading!

So, yes,  it’s simply 3 musicians making Christmas music, but… its just the right amount of musicians to say you had a full band at your Christmas party without having to break the bank or take up valuable party space. It also lends itself to all sorts of creative combinations:

  • Saxophone, Guitar, Drums
  • Piano, Drums, Singer
  • Bass, Guitar, Drums
  • Classical Guitar, Violin, Singer
  • Harp, Violin, Viola
  • etc, etc,etc.

The possibilities are as endless as your imagination can handle, but it is limited by availability. Did you know people celebrate “Christmas in July” because that’s the only time they could find available musicians to play their holiday party?* It’s really just be a reminder to book your Christmas musicians in July and not wait until everyone is booked. So what are you waiting for? Where’s your Christmas Tree-oh?!

* I maybe possibly made that up. But it makes sense. Christmas is a really busy time for the musicians you want and there are only so many weekends and party days to the holiday season.


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